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Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a transmission repair, only to find out later that it was unnecessary. Unfortunately, once the transmission is removed, there is little chance you’ll ever know.

There is an abundance of evidence that “honest mistakes” such as these are widespread occurrences among service centers. After being told they needed a transmission replacement, many customers bring vehicles in to us, only to find out that the transmission was never the problem.

I want to be fair to those facilities; some vehicles’ problems are very complex, and related symptoms often mimic transmission problems. This is where our extensive transmission and engine electronic control system experience can prevent costly errors. Of the misdiagnoses that we see by technicians, the majority are the result of inexperience or disregard for industry accepted diagnostic procedures.


Automatic transmission associations have spent years researching the causes of failure in transmissions. From their findings, they have produced redesigned components and technologies to alleviate these problems. Using advanced transmission repair procedures allows Tucker Transmissions to produce the finest products and an outstanding warranty.


A business’ reputation is an important consideration to a consumer, especially in the automotive and transmission service business. Unlike retail, where you can buy and return an item within 30 days, the quality of automotive service you receive has lasting consequences.

Some transmission repair shops provide a small list of hand picked references from a large group of perhaps thousands of customers. I, however, can provide first hand references from owners of local businesses who recommend Tucker Transmissions to their own customers.


At Tucker Transmissions, all major transmission repairs carry a full 2 year written guarantee. Since longer warranties have shown to attract more customers, the question arises as to why some other shops don’t offer competitive warranties.